Balanced Schooling

Indira National School is one of the best schools in Pune. The schools focus on conceptual understanding of children thus building a strong foundation. The school aims to create future leaders, instilling values, leadership qualities and giving them the edge of technology. Indira National School stresses diverse areas like English reading and comprehension, Language development, Mathematics, and Environmental studies.

A child-centric curriculum where the academic aspects are meticulously incorporated with the right blend of extracurricular activities promotes the holistic development of a student for the conceptual learning environment. Co-curricular activities like Taekwondo, swimming, Games, Dance, and Western Music played a significant part in the development of students and became a fundamental part of school life and aids in improving students learning at school.

We at Indira National School in CCA intended to bring social and intellectual skills, moral cultural and ethical values, personality development and character advancement in students.

Positive affirmation is a great tool to help children to build positive attitudes. The day in Indira National School starts with positive affirmation by doing meditation and warm-up exercises in the class. Indira National School builds very strong bonding between school and students. We believe and inculcate the rules as Respect – Yourself and Others, Attitude – Always have positive one, Cooperate- Always do your best and Excellence – It keeps to success.

We motivate children by awarding them with different badges that help them to energize direct and carry on positive behavior over a period of time.


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Indira Rajeshwary

Grade 3 Class Teacher INS

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