Examples of contextual, integrated learning and how it benefits students of grade 2

When we look around there are a dizzying number of topics for parents to worry over in today’s world when it comes to raising children. New research and warnings seem to pop up on social media and electronic media every day to make parents frantic.

Young children of primary school learn from their surroundings, what they see and experience becomes their biggest teacher. So, to broaden the horizon of our curious little minds of grade 2, we in Indira National School, Parandwade, one of the most reputed CBSE schools in Pune,  plan our lessons with plentiful of teaching aids such as  mind map, flow charts, drawings, word wall, printouts etc. We introduce young learners of grade 2  with hands-on experiments with different objects, group activities etc. We, as the top school in west Pune, also plan video sessions on different topics in different subjects to make the concepts more clear through which children get exposure towards various learning styles this leads to a favorable learning atmosphere. We celebrate festivals by showing our little inquisitive minds on Edurite board and projectors on related concepts taught in the class.. All these methods benefit the students to understand and remember the concepts prominently and sharpen their learning process.


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Madhumita Das.

Std II Teacher INS

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