How to maintain a positive mindset in the classroom Grade 2

Indira National School is one of the top schools in Pune, as we consider our school as the best place where we can challenge our limits of ability. Here every child of grade 2 walks to their classrooms with positive energy and multiple questions in their fertile minds and keep all of us engaged all day in the entire learning festivity. In Indira National School, Tathawade every morning we start our day with a ‘Thought of the day’ and encourage the students to brainstorm the meaning so that they think about the quote and realize what it means to them. Wall display of class norms and word of the day with synonym to use as a password to enter the classroom helps them to be more disciplined and organized.

Meditation and chanting of Omkar mantra after each break make the children calm, more energetic and enhances positivity in the class. This keeps our students engaged in their own learning, may it be academics, Co-scholastic activities, breaks or dispersal. If energy could be harvested from our campus, we would be supplying electricity to the entire state.

Teachers are the role models and they create a positive learning space for the students in the classroom. They help the students to visualize a positive outcome from every learning process before starting.


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Madhumita Das.

Std –II Teacher INS

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